A new era in the mobile technology has just started for Albanians. Thanks to 3G, there will no longer exist any virtual borders or restrictions of fast and wireless internet in every corner of Albania.

After being officially proclaimed the winner of the 3G tender from the Albanian Authority of Electronic and Postal Communications, Vodafone Albania announces that the start of 3G services in the capital Tirana is a matter of weeks. Haris Broumidis, the Vodafone Albania CEO said today that Vodafone is happy to be the first mobile operator to offer the long-awaited 3G technology in Albania. “We are thrilled to be able to offer 3G technology in the Albanian market which will boost individual and business communication and will have a tangible role to a further economic and social development of the country”– Mr. Broumidis said.

Vodafone Albania will build a totally new 3G network and is planning to invest heavily in order to deploy it throughout Albania in the next 18 months. According to Mr. Broumidis in few weeks customers will be able to enjoy 3G service in Tirana and then every month the network will be expanded to other areas starting from big urban centers to the remote rural areas.

By investing on 3G technology Vodafone Albania, will not only empower their current customers, but will also open a whole new mobile broadband perspective to all Albanians. According to Mr. Broumidis, the 3G technology will revolutionize the use of high speed internet and data access to every device that can accommodate a Vodafone Sim card no matter if it is used on a mobile phone, PC, laptop, netbook etc. The company has indicated that it will start offering initially a downloading speed of up to 14.4 Mbps across the covered area, which will be upgraded to even higher speeds at the most dense areas in the coming year.
With leading the 3G deployment in Albania Vodafone strengthens its commitment to be in the forefront of technological innovation bringing always first to its customers the benefits of latest advancements, a fact that has positioned Vodafone as the biggest and most innovative telecommunications company  in the country.

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