08 September 2009
Vodafone Albania maintains its fast response towards customers’ needs and once again is the first mobile operator in Albania to apply a further round of price reductions for all its Vodafone Card customers. From today, all their calls towards national operators will be up to 25% cheaper while the calls toward international networks will be reduced up to 35.34%. 
Once again, Vodafone Albania presents its customers with transparent tariffs with no hidden costs. The minimal charging time for any type of calls shall be limited to 15 seconds, after which, a price per second starts to be applied.
This new round of price reductions adds to the significant reductions of up to 26% applied exactly one year ago on September 8, 2008, therefore making a considerable effect to the customers within a short period of time.

Vodafone Albania is always committed to make mobile communication affordable for every citizen in the country, by continuously reducing tariffs. Since 2001, when the company entered the Albanian market a number of significant tariff reductions have been made. In October 2006 VF Card tariffs were reduced up to 30%, while VF Club tariffs have been reduced up to 50%.
Vodafone Albania is an undisputable leader in Albania’s telecommunication market, having the best network operation, coverage and quality of data and services providing the best value to its customers. Customer focus, innovation, flexibility, transparency, and mobile price affordability for all, are the principles that underpin the business strategy of Vodafone Albania.
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