23 November 2005

Vodafone Albania publishes its First Corporate Responsibility Report in line with company’s efforts to develop its responsibility role towards the society and environment where it operates. This publication, the first of this nature for the business community in the country, aims to share with public the company’s efforts in strengthening its responsibility role towards the community it serves, demonstrating transparency of business indicators, reducing its impact in environment, increasing social investments for the communities in need, as well as informing and ensuring an on-going communication with its stakeholders in order to better satisfy their needs.

Among others, this report outlines:
  • Market launch of various new services during last year, including services of social benefit.
  • Creation and organization of the “Opinion Leaders” forum and establishment of a frequent communication on CR related issues with its members;
  • Initiative for encouraging and performing the measurement of EMF levels at Vodafone Albania network by independent institutions. Polytechnic University of Tirana confirms that outcomes of their evaluations show that EMF level is 40 times lower than the standards recommended by international institutions;
  • Application of environmental panels as renewable energy source in our network, as well as the use of other efficient means that contribute to reduction of energy consumption, including the installation of 9 solar panels in our network for generating renewable energy and the implementation of free cooling practice in 40% of our base stations.
  • Promotion and implementation of environmental waste management projects in our internal activities, along with a list of environmental projects for the community;
  • The company’s social investments are shown by a long list of projects in support of communities in need. Some of these projects are funded entirely by Vodafone Albania representing a total investment of 29 135 991 ALL, while other projects were financed during last year by Vodafone Foundation through Vodafone Albania with a value of 57000 Euro.

The report presents various data that refer to the period 1 April 2004-31 March 2005, by concluding with a clear list of our commitments for the next year.

“At Vodafone, we are committed locally and globally that our people and our technology will make a vital difference not only by enabling effective communication, but also by communicating our business responsibilities and challenges toward the community and the environment where we operate. We consider this engagement as an investment to the present and future generations” – stated Mr. Thomas Papaspyrou, general Manager of Vodafone Albania.

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