18 September 2008
In response to the emergency situation created by the blasting in Gërdec on March 15, 2008, Vodafone Albania Foundation supported by Vodafone Albania Sh.A., and Vodafone Foundation, was the first domestic business to confirm financial contribution of ALL 30,000,000 to meeting the needs of the community affected by the misfortune caused by the explosion in the village Gërdec (Vora).

During the latest ceremony of aid distribution to the community, Vodafone Albania Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Charalampos Broumidis stressed: “In its social investment policies, Vodafone Albania pays special attention to the strengthening of Education. We are glad to be among the first businesses to have confirmed our support immediately after the tragedy through the largest aid package offered by the business community to constructing the 9-grade school in Gërdec. This is an investment for the future of Gërdec children. Through its Foundation, Vodafone Albania will continue to be active for significant investments in social project to support the people in need.”

Vodafone Albania Group Foundation provided a fund of ALL 6,000,000 to enable Albanian Red Cross distribute aid in food and materials to 885 families from villages of Gërdec, Margjinet 1, and Margjinet 2. that were affected by the tragedy, The Secretary General of the Albanian Red Cross, Mr. Zamir Muca added:  “As part of the ARC mission to be close to the people in need, we appreciate today the significant contribution and support of Vodafone Albania Foundation which joined us during a six-month long human intervention to provide help to people affected by the Gërdec tragedy.”

The second phase of the contribution provided by Vodafone Albania Foundation amounting to ALL 24,000,000, funded by Vodafone Albania Sh.A., will be used for rehabilitation of the 9-grade school in Gërdec, which was heavily damaged by the explosion.

“Immediately after the official approval by the Albanian Government on the technical safety conditions of work and the environmental safety of the area, the Foundation started a intensive work to implement efficiently and at the shortest time the rehabilitation of school, playgrounds and didactical equipment so as to ensure the standard school conditions. This is the largest project that Vodafone Albania Foundation is involved in and is a direct response to the emergency created” - said Mr. Albi Greva, the Executive Director of Vodafone Albania Foundation.
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