1.When buying a new pay as you go Vodafone Albania number, first you have to register it with an ID or a passport.

2. If you are a minor, you can register your Vodafone number appearing accompanied by a parent or legal guardian in our Vodafone stores or other points of sale authorized for registration. You need to be equipped with the following documents: Passport, ID Card, Birth certificate with photo ( only for users under 16 years old ), Family Certificate of the user , Court Decision that determines who is the legal guardian of an individual under 18 years.

3. Foreign Citizens can register their number with an ID or passport and by confirming their residential address in Albania.

  • The number registration ends within 30 minutes from the moment of the request.
  • The number is temporarily unbarred and only after the original documents are verified the final registration is completed in a period of 45 days.
  • You will be notified by an SMS for your number registration.

A new Vodafone Club connection pack costs:

  • 500 ALL (VAT included) and you get 300 ALL initial airtime, as well as 500 SMS (valid towards Vodafone Club numbers only for one month).


Active Status

At the moment you perform the first call from your new Vodafone number ( or to 131), send an SMS or navigate on internet you are officially part of the Vodafone Network.


The first outgoing activity ( call, SMS, internet traffic) must be performed in Albania)

By dialling 141/1 you will be informed on the date your credit expires and also the date of the last recharge. The credit expiry date determines the ACTIVE STATUS Period, period in which you can use all Vodafone Albania services according to your tariff plan ( Vodafone Card or Vodafone Club ).
Different recharged have different expiry dates according to the amount of recharge. After the expiry date the credit left in your balance will expire permanently and the SIM Card Status changes to PASSIVE. You will be notified by an SMS for the credit expiry date 7 days in advance so that you have enough time to perform a recharge in order for the SIM Status to be still ACTIVE

Passive Status

In case you do not perform any recharge after receiving the notifying SMS for Credit Expiry date, the SIM STATUS changes automatically to PASSIVE on the date mentioned.
If at the moment you SIM Status changes to PASSIVE you have any left credit, this amount will be confiscated permanently and cannot be retrieved back.
Your number may stay in the PASSIVE STATUS for a period of 3 months if no activity at all.
During this period you may receive calls, SMS, SOS Credit but you may not perform any outgoing activity, use the expired credit or use other Vodafone services.
If during the PASSIVE STATUS you receive a SOS Credit by another number or perform a recharge, the SIM STATUS changes automatically to ACTIVE.

Number Deactivation

In case of no recharges or transfers received during the PASSIVE STATUS, the number will be permanently deactivated from Vodafone Albania Network.
You will be notified by an SMS for the deactivation date 10 days in advance so that you have enough time to perform a recharge in order for the SIM Status to be ACTIVE again.
If the number is deactivated, Vodafone reserves the right to disconnect the number from the network and this number cannot be used or reactivated again.