09 February 2009
Starting from February 9, 2009, Vodafone Albania will launch, its new tariff plan "Vodafone Paketa Profesionale". For the first time the business community can make up their own tariff plan, designed to best fit their communication needs within the group and toward other national destinations.

For all our customers that will choose "Vodafone Paketa Profesionale", Vodafone Albania enables them to choose 1 from 2 Within Group Bundles of Minutes: you can either choose to speak 60 minutes/month, with only 350 ALL (VAT excluded) or unlimited airtime within the group for only 1100 ALL (VAT excluded) per month and/or 1 from 3 National Destinations Bundle of Minutes, as follows:

You can chose to speak 120 minutes/month with only 2100 ALL (VAT excluded),or 240  minutes/Month for 4000 ALL(VAT excluded)  , or 360 minutes/month for 5700 ALL (VAT excluded).
With the latest offers, existing post-paid customers might also choose to make up their own tariff plan and benefit from the bundles available. Registration procedures for thesetariff plan is the same with post-paid tariff plan procedures.

Existing customers can benefit from each of the tariff plan by simply completing a service activation form in all Vodafone Shops. Vodafone Paketa Profesionale customers will benefit from international tariffs, Vodafone Passport (Roaming), and from all post-paid available services.

"Vodafone Family", new tariff plans
Innovative and opting to best fit communication needs within Vodafone Family tariff plan, Vodafone Albania launches 2 other new family plans:
Vodafone family 200- 200 national minutes with 0 ALL tariff, towards a monthly fee of 4000 ALL ( VAT excluded), and  Family 360 - 360 national minutes with 0 ALL tariff, towards a monthly fee of  6500 ALL (VAT excluded) 
Each new customer of Vodafone Family tariff plan, can choose a group of MSISDN-s  (up to 4 MSISDN-s) and can buy a bundle of 500 minutes with only 1000 ALL (VAT excluded).
All Vodafone Family plan customers have the flexibility to share the 500 minutes bundle with their family and it’s easy. Only one of the family members has to pay, while the others can benefit out of this 500 min bundle per month.
Vodafone Albania would like to announce also the changes in monthly fees and commercial names of 4 existing Family Tariff Plans. Our customer will pay less for more air time spent within their families and toward national destinations.

  • Vodafone Family 500 - will be named Vodafone Family- 500 ALL (VAT excluded) fixed monthly fee, simple tariff plan.
  • Vodafone Family 1100 - will be named Vodafone Family 30- towards a monthly fee of 750 ALL (VAT excluded) it offers 30 min airtime to national destinations with 0 ALL tariff
  • Vodafone Family 1700 - will be named Vodafone Family 60- towards a monthly fee of 1400 ALL (VAT excluded) it offers 60 min airtime to national destinations with 0 ALL tariff.
  • Vodafone Family 2800 - will be named Vodafone Family 120- towards a monthly fee of 2500 ALL (VAT excluded) it offers 120 min airtime to national destinations with 0 ALL tariff.

Through our diverse new post-paid tariff plans, our customers have the chance to make the most of their time by choosing the most suitable plan, for their own, businesses & families.
For our latest offers please visit our shops throughout the country.

For further information please contact:
Tel: +355 4 223 83 247
Fax: +355 4 223 83 31
e-mail: anisa.kaltanji@vodafone.com