Vodafone Passport

Talk more abroad for less with Vodafone Passport.

With Vodafone Passport is easy and economic to make and receive phone calls while abroad, without worrying for the minutes you spend talking and your call costs.

With "Vodafone Passport" you benefit:

- More control over your mobile phone expenses while Roaming
- Greater clarity on voice roaming pricing and your monthly bill
- Reduced call costs (made and received) while abroad

While abroad (in the countries Vodafone Passport is applied) you can call home at the domestic tariffs with only one-off small connection fee, 120 lekë (VAT included) per call. After that, you pay the same rate as you would if you were making the call at home. So you can easily predict what each call is costing and relax about talking longer.

For incoming calls, it's even simpler! You pay only the connection fee (120 Lekë - VAT included) for each call you answer, no matter if the call lasts 1 or 30 minutes.

How can I get registered to Vodafone Passport?

When you’re in Albania please call or send a free of charge SMS with text 1 towards the short code 137.
While abroad you may register to Vodafone Passport by sending a free of charge SMS with text 1 towards the short code 137.

Note: Vodafone Passport will be activated within 24 hours, so get sure you are registered before traveling. If you are abroad send to 137 a SMS with the code 1 (to unregister send a SMS with the code 2)

Networks where Vodafone Passport is applied:
Vodafone Greece, Vodafone Italy, Vodafone Germany, Vodafone United Kingdom, Vodafone Spain, Vodafone Australia, Vodafone Czech Republic, Vodafone Hungary, Vodafone Ireland, Vodafone Malta, Vodafone Netherlands, Vodafone New Zealand, Vodafone Portugal, Vodafone Romania, Proximus Belgium, Mobilkom A1 Austria, Swisscom (Switzerland), SFR (France), Vodafone Turkey, Telenor Montenegro, Monaco (Vala 900) Kosovo, Vipnet Croatia, Vip Macedonia, Vip Serbia.

For further information while abroad, contact for free, Customer Care Service at 140,149.