Few days ago, Bank of Albania approved and issued the license for electronic money service to Vodafone M-PESA. After two and a half years of continuous work in adopting and structuring the platform, Vodafone Albania is about to launch Vodafone M-PESA, one of the most successful mobile payment solutions in the world. Albania will be among the countries that have launched M-PESA extensively and successfully, reaching more than 17 million customers spread over 4 continents. Vodafone Albania is the second in Europe to offer such service, following Romania in April 2014.

All Albanian unbanked mobile users will use and benefit from Vodafone Albania mobile payment solution being able to send money to their friends and family, pay bills, buy airtime, in a safe, fast, affordable way, anywhere, anyplace in Albania.

With an investment of about 3 million euros, Vodafone M-PESA will be available to every mobile user regardless of the mobile device or mobile network they use. This mobile payments system developed by Vodafone is compatible with any mobile device will enable customers to have an electronic money account on their phones through which they will be able to store, transfer and receive money from national and international networks, pay accounts and buy airtime, wherever they are at the most affordable rates not linked to any minimum denomination, faster, cheaper and safer than any existing methods in the Albanian market.

Following the official licensing of Vodafone M-PESA, Vodafone Albania CEO, Dietlof Z Mare stated that “Vodafone is always at the forefront of Technology leadership in Albania and across the World, always with the core focus and drive to ensure an unmatched customer experience. For me M-PESA addresses all the core values that we, Vodafone stand for, connecting and improving the lives of our customers, using our innovative technologies and solutions. People will now be able to store and send money from anywhere in the world to love ones, people in need wherever they might find themselves in the country in a safe and affordable way. We strive to use technology and innovation to change lives and to make the world a better place. M-PESA is one of those unique solutions that is making that difference in the world. Our challenge now is to make it work for Albania”.

We empower our customers to be confidently connected and benefit from the innovative services we bring to them. We strongly believe that Vodafone M-PESA will be endorsed by our customers because:

  1. Specifically targets unbanked population by offering them a cost efficient opportunity to send money to their friends and family, pay bills, buy airtime, in a safe, fast, affordable way, anywhere, any place in Albania by simply using their mobile phones.
  2. It will also allow customers to access financial services close to where they live and work and by addressing two major hurdles to financial inclusion: lack of proximity and high costs
  3. It positively generates employment opportunities with M-PESA agents distributed throughout the country.
  4. It lowers informality level in the Albanian financial system and economy and also reduce use of informal channels to send money
  5. It enables people over time use formal banking technology
  6. It contributes materially to the GDP of the country,

Power to our Customers!!!