Preferred Network
Tango Mobile

If you select the preferred network manually you can benefit from lower tariffs

All the below prices on the preferred network include VAT

Calls Standard rates RED Roaming
Making a call 300 Lekë/min

When you travel in Europe 500 lekë per day if you have Vodafone RED

Use your home minutes



Receiving a call 156 lekë/min
Sending a text 48 lekë/SMS Use your home texts      
Receiving a text Free


On the phone & laptop 720 lekë/MB Use your home MB

Optional add ons are not part of RED Roaming offer

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Useful tips      

Luxembourg country code +39
You should make sure that Roaming service is activated . If not , it can be activated easily in any Vodafone store by submitting a written request and paying the corresponding guarantees.