Fantastic communication opportunities with the Vodafone Club Mix bundle


With 1000 ALL (with VAT) one gets 3000 communication units – to be used as desired in combination of up to 3000, minutes or messages within group, or up to 3000 MB of Internet, plus an extra 30 minutes of national calls.
Phone calls, messages, and fast 3G Internet will now be cheaper for all the members of Vodafone Club, opting for “Club 3000 & 30”, the unique monthly bundle of 1000 ALL (VAT included) which is designed to fulfil all communication needs through its abundant 3000 units it contains.

“Club 3000 & 30” all-inclusive bundle offers maximum flexibility for its users who can combine 3000 communication units into their favourite shares of VF Club minutes or messages as well as 3G Internet.

On top of that, this bundle contains 30 minutes for calls towards any national network.

Further details on this offer can be found here.