Dedicated Connectivity

By opting for a single expert supplier, you can save money and time managing all your communications. Vodafone Albania is committed to design and operate a transmission infrastructure that delivers high-quality and reliable service to its customers throughout the country. It uses proven, sophisticated planning tools and is committed to redundancy and transport network diversity aiming to guaranty high availability of transmission network.

Colossal investments for the construction of a backbone infrastructure across the country, not only provides gigabits of capability, but also a modernized network based on IP-MPLS technology in more than 250 points based on Coriant technology and connected with Fiber Optics. Every Provider Edge router has two redundant connections with Provider Core to ensure maximum redundancy.

With three internet upstream feeds, aiming to provide a maximum redundant network. We can provide data connectivity for your organization that’s both secure and reliable – so your employees can work seamlessly together in the office. Our Dedicated Internet services, Data Links and Private APN solutions are ideal for connecting single and multi-site office locations.

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