Frequently Asked Questions

What is Vodafone electronic invoice?

E-Bill is a service offered to  Vodafone postpaid customers, that provides full control over monthly expenses.

What does the Vodafone electronic invoice service offer me?

SMS/Email notification when the invoice is ready including:
• Current monthly bill, as well as total debt for your mobile expenses
• Maximum payment date.
• Detailed information on the activity performed by each number.

Is the electronic billing a secured service?

Yes, this service guarantees maximum security, since in every Log In, you will receive a new security PIN SMS, which allows you to access the application.

To activate E-Bill you have to sign a contract near to one of Vodafone stores or through your dedicated agent. You have to submit:

  • Your Passport or Identity Card
  • Appropriate authorization form and copy of the administrator's Identification Document, in case you are not the business authorized person.

Who I have to contact when I need help?

For questions you may have, you can call the Customer Care Service at 149, free of charge.

Can I see the bill of last month?

You can see all of your electronic bills for up to 6 months (including the current month).

If I activate the service on one of the dates of this month, can I view the invoices of the previous months?

You can only view the bill of the current month and the months following.
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