Why Vodafone?

Why Vodafone?

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    Komunikim i pandërprerë
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    Benefits of Vodafone More
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    Safe data
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    My Vodafone & JUTH dedicated mobile apps
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    Support 24/7
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Take a step ahead!

Always innovators with 2 dedicated apps, My Vodafone App & JUTH App. Download My Vodafone App from Play Store/App Store and win GB & VCoins for free.

  • For the first registration on My Vodafone App, benefit 10GB internet for 2 weeks
  • For the first recharge from My Vodafone App, benefit 20GB internet for 2 weeks
  • For every other recharge after that of a minimum 500 lek, benefit 3GB internet for 30 days
  • For every bill payment from My Vodafone App, benefit 3GB internet bonus for 30 days
  • For every monthly bundle purchase from My Vodafone App, benefit 500MB internet for 15 days
  • For every ‘Shake’ from My Vodafone App, benefit up to 1.5GB internet for 24 hours


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More benefits from Vodafone More

Vodafone More is the program that rewards all Vodafone customers, based on the years they have been part of Vodafone. The program delivers surprises tailored to the customer needs and a comprehensive catalog with exclusive offers only to Vodafone customers.
  • For the first registration in Vodafone More, benefit 500 MB, valid for 7 days 
  • Benefit VCoins, coupons and exclusive offers with Vodafone More, for every recharge, buying bundles, paying bills and anniversaries with Vodafone. If you are a customer in contract, benefit 50% VCoins more with Vodafone More.
  • More information about Vodafon more can be found on the link: https://www.vodafone.al/more/

JUTH by Vodafone

Express yourself freely with JUTH by Vodafone

Being part of the JUTH community, will give you exclusive access to events, vouchers with the best offers, opportunities to buy/sell units on GigaMarket, as well as opportunities to earn coins by playing the games available on the app! Download JUTH App from Play Store/App Store.

  • Benefit GB, VCoins and Coupons for every game ‘Spin the Wheel’ 
  • Benefit up to 20GB internet bonus, after purchasing monthly bundles or by being in contract with a certain tariff plan, valid for 24 hours
  • Born Free, dedicated tarif plan for juth customers, offered with benefits and an exclusive price 

kudo me Vodafone

#kudomeVodafone in Albania & abroad!

Best offers and the widest roaming network! Don’t forget to travel with the incomparable Roaming by Vodafone, in more than 114 countries, worldwide. 
Find an answer to every question!
Best experience for customer support:

  • Available 24/7 for free
  • Shops spread in the whole country 
  • ToBi
  • My Vodafone/Juth App

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