Vodafone’s cost of living support
Vodafone Albania sympathizes with the rise in the cost of living for Albanian citizens. These days we are all affected by the rise in inflation, which Bank of Albania quotes at 9% currently. A rise in the energy prices has also affected production and supply chain worldwide, making for basket consumption products to increase by 30%. 
The telecommunications sector has been strongly affected by the current macroeconomic and geopolitical context, which has resulted in significant increases in energy and raw material prices. This fact, associated with the rise in the inflation rate, results in significant increases in operating costs and maintenance and management of the support network for the provision of our services.
At Vodafone Albania, we seek to offer the best solutions to our customers who find themselves in a situation of economic vulnerability or who wish to continue using our services at a price that is more suited to their specific situations.
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Customers with disabilities 

Vodafone MoreVodafone is fully committed to providing equal access and treatment through products and services designed and tailored to your needs.
Vodafone offers a 50% discount on all monthly offers for subscribers with disabilities. For more information click here.

Social Package

Package dedicated to low-income customers.
Low-income clients include all individuals on social assistance and people with hearing and vision problems.
Vodafone Basic
600 ALL/5 Euros
(100 National Minutes, 600 Minutes to fixed networks, 200 SMS, 300 MB) for 1 month.

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Reduce energy consumption

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    Reduce indoor temperature to 18 degrees.
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    Increasing air conditioning set point.
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    Reduce the time that heating is turned on.
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    In Vodafone owned shops we are switching  off lights earlier and implementing LED light technology for  optimized power consumption. 
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    Hybrid way of working still in place 40 % from home  60 % from office 
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    All lighting to be replaced to EOD
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