Frequently asked questions

What is Giga Wi-Fi?


Giga Wi-Fi is a fast Wi-Fi router that you can use to browse the Internet via the mobile network. You can use the router anywhere in Albania. All you need is mobile network coverage from Vodafone, a power connection and a device to connect to Wi-Fi. For example, a smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer. You don't need cable internet or a DSL line. So you can always use Giga Wi-Fi wherever you want. The device is not tied to a fixed address and there is no additional charge.

Vodafone Giga Wi-Fi tariffs - which one is right for me?

Giga Wi-Fi rates are designed to fit your every need and opportunity. At the time of signing the contract, you pay the router fee of only 2,900 ALL and get fast internet for 24 months starting from 1,500 ALL/month.
In any case, the equipment remains the property of the customer after the end of the contract period.

What should I do if I run out of 300Gb before the end of the month?

In case the amount of GB ends before the end of the month, you will continue to use the service at a reduced speed of 1Mbps. If you want to have maximum speed again, you can activate an additional internet bundle by SMS to 141 with 50GB text.

How many users can connect to Wi-Fi simultaneously?

If you use the Vodafone Giga Wi-Fi device, up to 64 users can connect simultaneously. Users share the same speed capacity. For this reason, the number of users is directly related to the speed offered. A high number of users can affect the internet speed offered to each of them.

For what can I use Giga Wi-Fi?

You can use Giga Wi-Fi for almost all kinds of internet use: browsing, streaming video, downloading or sending files, streaming music, chatting via WhatsApp, video calling and much more. Some applications that require a public IP address will not work with Giga Wi-Fi. For example some console games.

Can I use Giga Wi-Fi in different cites of Albania?

Yes, this is possible anywhere in Albania, without any additional fees. All you need is Vodafone mobile network coverage and an electricity connection.

What speed does Giga Wi-Fi offer?

Giga Wi-Fi sets new standards in terms of speed. With Vodafone GigaNet, the best mobile and fixed network, the only one certified by Umlaut for 2022, you can achieve download speeds of up to 2Gbit/s and latency times of less than one millisecond. The speed offered to you is the maximum speed of the area in which you are located.

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