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From the “Refer a Friend” program will benefit: 

  Vodafone Customers: 

 Prepaid customers will benefit 500 ALL credit in their mobile number
•    Postpaid customers will benefit 10 GB internet

For every friend who joins successfully with Vodafone. 

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                 Friends united successfully to Vodafone network will have the possibility to freely choose one of the below promotions with a validity of 6 months: 

•    Vodafone Standard with 8GB and 10GB for 1,300 ALL
•    Vodafone Smart with 22GB and 10GB for 1,600 ALL

To get the above benefits, the portability request should be successful. 


How to benefit from Refer a friend program? 

Refer a friend is dedicated to all prepaid and postpaid Vodafone customers and can easily be accessed directly from My Vodafone App. In the main page of My Vodafone App, you can find Refer a friend menu through which you can share your unique code to every friend that you would like to invite. 

How many friends can I invite? 

Vodafone offers the possibility to invite 5 of your friends per month, who have successfully fulfilled the process of portability. 

Where can I proceed with the portability request? 

The portability request can be made at every Vodafone Shop, from the owner of the number with his ID card. 

What is a portability request?

A portability request gives the possibility to every customer to join Vodafone network through the below conditions:

1. The number should be active in the current operator
2. You must have spent over 3 months in the current operator
3. The number must be registered under your name
4- You cannot use your credit once you have asked your number portability.
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