Discover Vodafone, Graduate Program

Take the challenge of Discover program and be part of an exciting experience and wide opportunities.

Join the program and be the next Vodafone Graduate

Online Interview

After submitting the application, the applicant receives an invitation in the form of email which clearly describes all the steps needed for a successful interview. 

Online Tests

Online tests are designed to test your problem solving skills. Tests serve as a good indicator to distinguish people who are capable of thinking the problem from a different perspective and adapt to complex situations, which are ambitious and capable of expressing their thoughts clearly.

Online testing phase for Discover Vodafone - Graduate Program includes two tests:

  • Situational Judgement Test - will present you with real-life situations that you might face when working as a Discover Program Graduate at Vodafone. Whilst the role that you have applied for may not require you to deal with all of these situations on a daily basis, the questions will help us to see how you could demonstrate the behaviors that are important for success during the first two years as a Discover Program Graduate;
  • Abstract Reasoning Test - is designed to measure your ability to understand patterns, to find logical rules and to apply these rules.

Assessment Day

Taking place throughout the year, our assessment centers give you the chance to meet us and find out what life at Vodafone is really like.

The assessment day will include:

  • a group exercise;
  • an individual presentation;
  • a panel interview;
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