Vodafone Distinction Bursary Fund

Vodafone Distinction Bursary Fund
Vodafone Albania Foundation introduces a new initiative in the Albanian market aiming to empower young generation with digital skills and knowledge. Vodafone Distinction Bursary Fund is a scholarship program dedicated to graduate students who have applied and been accepted by International Universities for master studies and have limited financial abilities to afford the tuition.
“Vodafone Distinction Bursary Fund”, provides to Albanian young graduates and professionals, a unique opportunity for professional and scientific international master degrees in the field of digitalization that may include, but not exhaustive fields such us: ICT, Innovation, IT, Telecommunication, Software Engineering, Robotics, Film Production and Animation, Digital Marketing, Programming.

The bursary fund waives in full or part of the tuition fees only.

Up to 4 excellent students will be selected through a criteria of excellence and commitment to meet the challenges of the future, contributing to development of these fields upon their return.

Who is eligible?

  • Albania nationals and residents; 
  • Have applied and been accepted for a master’s degree, in a renown international university in the above-mentioned fields, qualifying for scholar years 2019-2020.
  • Have demonstrated exceptional talents skills in the digital field. 
  • Are willing to return to Albania upon finishing theirs studies and be offered a 6 months internship to Vodafone Albania. 
  • Not have previously studied or hold an equivalent/or any other master’s degree. 

How to apply?

Please submit via email foundation.al@vodafone.com(limited email size to 10 MB)

  1. Personal video sharing your story, qualifications and your talent merit. Tell us who you are in a video no longer than 2-3 minutes. Your video shall be sent through wetransfer.com link.
  2. Please submit your acceptance letter from any renowned international University for starting of the academic year 2019-2020, together with (if possible) courses and fees. Any other information regarding the field of study.
  3. Please submit your CV.
  4. Please submit any proof of limited financial possibilities. (Ex. Personal and/or family income statements and any other proof relevant to the criteria).
  5. The application will be opened until 19th of June 2019.

Tik Tok - June 19th is approaching

Selection Criteria:

Once you apply, the Vodafone Albania Foundation board composed of five members will judge each students on:

  • my-vodafone
    Outstanding characters as demonstrated on the personal video
  • rank_lith_icn_Pioneer
    Acceptance letter from the university
  • rank-genius
    The worldwide ranking of university they have applied on
  • rank_lith_icn_Wizard
    Professional qualifications and experiences based on your CV
  • rank_lith_icn_Badge_title
    Superior digital abilities based on your CV
  • rank_lith_icn_Pro
    Limited financials to pursue your studies.

Other possible Questions & Answers:

A ka kufizime moshe?

Çdo individ deri në 35 vjeç.

I have an acceptance letter for an online master in an international university. Am I eligible to apply? 

The Distinction Bursary Fund gives priority to full-time master studies, although the board will also evaluate online masters. 

I am already enrolled in a master degree in an International University. Do I qualify for any possible scholarship? 

This scholarship applies only to those starting for the first time their master degree studies year 2019-2020.

Does this bursary include any funding for bachelor degree in digital? 

This bursary fund is dedicated only to those pursuing master degree. 

I am an Albanian Citizen residing abroad and have applied for master degree in the required field. Am I eligible? 

The bursary is designed to support only Albanian nationals residing in Albania. 

I do not have a bachelor degree, but I am still accepted for a master level study? Am I eligible? 

Yes, some masters study require a professional portfolios regardless the BA degree. If the acceptance letter from university is submitted, the eligibility to receive funding is valid. 

Is there any online application form? 

There is no online application form. Please see guideline on how to apply. 

How do I know that I successfully submitted my application? 

A confirmation email will be sent upon receiving the application. If the application is not received in full, you will be notified to submit the additional information. 

Do I need to submit a notification to my University that I have applied for receiving a possible bursary fund? 

If the candidate is selected a contract will follow and the amount will be disbursed directly to university covering the eligible amount. 
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