VoLTE calls can be made only to other people who are provisioned for the service within an area with an LTE connection. 

The benefits of VoLTE
Unlike older network types, VoLTE uses an LTE connection, so it’s faster than regular VoIP. This results in higher quality voice calls that are less likely to lag or lose connection.
VoLTE is also not part of your data bundle and therefore won’t come out of your monthly data allocation. Rather, this service is part of your voice minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What you need to make a VoLTE call?

  • VoLTE phone with an updated system. 
  • SIM card provisioned for VoLTE
Please call 140 to provision or ask the shop representative to do it for you. 

How much does a VoLTE call cost? 

You won't pay an extra money for high-quality calls. It costs the same as regular calls according to your tariff. You do not deplete data from your data bundle when making calls or making video calls. 

Who can I call with VoLTE? 

You can call anyone at Vodafone or another operator. 

What happens if I get out of the LTE network? 

The call is not dropped, you can continue to talk uninterrupted. We'll connect you to our voice network seamlessly. The video call may be degraded or interrupted. 

What phones support VoLTE?

Samsung S9    
Samsung S9+     
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