Data SOS

Stay COOL and keep surfing the internet

Through Data SOS you can get 500MB of crediut right away by continuing to surf the internet even when the internet from your bundle is finished.

How much does Data SOS cost?

The 500MB internet bundle costs 170 ALL and is valid for 7 days. 
You can pay off this loan by recharging your credit in the account or get a Credit Transfer through Credit Transfer from another number.


Activating Data SOS

  1. Send an SMS to 132  with the text Data or SOS
  2. Call #123#. Choose the menu SOS & Recharges and then Data SOS.


1. You can get a loan only if:

  • You are a Vodafone Club client.
  • If you don't have an unpaid previous Data SOS or Credit Transfer loan.
  • You have recharged your account with at least 1000ALL in the last three months.
  • You have less than 150 ALL credit left in your balance.

2. You can get more than one loan if you want, on the condition that you have paid the previous loan.

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