• How can I get 1 GB for every month ?

    You have to register for the eBill service in a Vodafone store. This promotion is valid only for the number who subscribed the contract.

  • What is electronic bill (E-Bill)?

    E-Bill is a service available for our post-paid customers that offer the opportunity for each customer to have total control over monthly charges, pay bills online, create and generate reports and also other exploring options from the main menu.

  • Which are the advantages of electronic bill (E-Bill)?
    • You can pay your bill online with no need to waste time by visiting our Vodafone Shops or banks.

    • You may print the VAT page in PDF Format for tax declaration.

    • You may create reports as per your business needs.

    • You may group expenditures per department or specific group of numbers.

    • You will be notified via SMS or E-mail on the payment due date.

    • You may access detailed information on the activity performed by each number.

  • Is electronic bill (E-Bill) a safe service?

    Yes, this service offers high level of security as each time you’ll try to log in the application you’ll be provided with an authentic security PIN that will be delivered to your personal number.

  • How can I activate electronic bill (E-Bill)?

    In order to activate this service you may choose between these two ways:

    1.You have to sign an agreement in one of our Vodafone Shops by providing a:

    • Passport or ID
    •Official request and authorization, as well as a copy of the administrator’s ID in case he’s not present at the moment of the agreement assignment.

    2.  You have to sign an agreement with one of our account managers if you have one assigned by our company.

    After this agreement is assigned Vodafone activates E-Bill service for your account.
    You will be notified via an e-mail when the service is activated and will be directed in a link to complete the registration.

  • When may I have this month’s bill online?

    The bill of the actual month with be ready each 7th day of the next month.

  • How can I get support for my E-Bill?

    For any question you may have regarding your E-Bill, you may dial for free 149 to reach Customer Care or you may contact one of our live chat agents by visiting Live Chat here: www.vodafone.al  (Go to Support/Contact Us) or enter My Vodafone (Smart Services/Expert ) from your mobile.

  • Can I see the bill of the previous month?

    You may access all the bills up to 12 months before.

  • I have a few numbers in my account. Can I pay the bill online for the total charge or I have to make individual payments for each of them?

    1. You may enter the VAT page in the main menu and pay the total charge for all the numbers



    2. Enter the Payment Tab and choose to pay:
                * In account level, this means the total charges
                 * In subscriber level, meaning for 1/2/etc. numbers


    The amount to be paid can be edited as per your preference. (More or less than the total charges)


  • Should I have a bank account to make the payment online?

    You only need a credit or debit card in order to perform the payment online via electronic bill (E-Bill).

  • Do I get a confirmation on the payment performed?

    Right after the online payment a message with be displayed on the application to confirm this transaction. This message can be printed and used as a reference.
    If you go to the payment history please keep in mind that the last payment from a card issued by Raiffeisen Bank will be reflected after 24 hours, meanwhile the payments done with other cards take up to 48 hours.

  • If I activate the E-Bill service on 17th of this month, may I see the bills of the previous months?
    • If you are an existing Vodafone customer you may access all the bills up to 12 months before.

    • If you are a new customer you may see only this month’s bill after the 7th day of the next month.

  • What happens if I enter the wrong password more than three times?

    For security reasons the application locks the account. You should contact Customer Care by dialing 149 or contact one of our live chat agents by visiting Live Chat in order for the account to be unlocked.