The company will cover with 3G the entire country in 18 months.

Vodafone Albania launched today for the very first time in Albania the 3G services, offering high speed mobile Internet access at affordable prices. The 3G network is currently operative in the capital city-Tirana and its suburbs and Vodafone Albania is committed to offer the widest bouquet of cutting edge services with excellent quality.

Upon the 3G services launch, Mr. Haris Broumidis, CEO of Vodafone Albania stated: “We are pleased to offer to the inhabitants of Tirana the 3G technology experience, which will provide them fast access to internet, a number of new services and the most advantageous tariff plans. Vodafone Albania as the leading and most innovative telecommunications company in the country, believes that 3G will revolutionize the way Albanian families and businesses use their mobiles and access to internet”.

By starting the 3G operations initially in Tirana and soon in other cities, Vodafone will provide Internet speed of up to 14.4 Mbps , enabling customers  to stream data intensive media, perform video calls, download high volumes of content and make great use of their preferred social networks. “Every Vodafone customer of Tirana and its suburbs can now own the virtual world on their mobile phones, facilitating communication and exchange information within and out of the country”, commented Mr. Broumidis.

According to Mr. Broumidis, this investment sets the foundation to empower Vodafone customers and help them get closer to their family, friends, social networks and access information in new and exciting ways. After Tirana, the journey of delivering 3G services will be extended to all current and new Vodafone customers across the country within 18 months.

All Vodafone Albania customers using their existing SIM card can now enjoy a revolutionary Internet experience in their 3G-enabled phones, tailor-made to their special communication needs. Complimentary to its new, fast and innovative 3G mobile Internet, Vodafone customers, both residential and businesses, can use the 3G USB modems to connect their laptops and PCs to the fast Internet.

For more information click , talk with a customer care representative at 140, 149 or visit a Vodafone shop.