October 7, 2015

In 2010, Vodafone introduced in Albania, similar to all other countries it operates, a distinctive development scheme for young people and talented graduates.

Each year, Discover Vodafone program has offered fantastic employment and career opportunities for many young people who today work in key positions in Vodafone Albania and Vodafone Group.

The highly anticipated final selection stage of Discover Vodafone winners was held this Wednesday in the Vodafone Albania premises. About 18 finalists went through a dynamic testing process, where everyone had the opportunity to demonstrate their skills and knowledge through individual and group exercises. The number of applicants was very high and the selection of the best performers was a real challenge for the Vodafone Human Resources executives who had to select 9 winners out of 18 finalists.

Human Resources Director at Vodafone Albania, Christina Samoulada congratulated the finalists and encouraged them to never cease investing in their knowledge. "Every year, Vodafone recruits talented young people to become part of our staff and it is great to see how these young individuals work hard to build a future successful career. I am very proud of our staff. It is the people that make Vodafone a market leader in telecommunications and we are and will be always encouraging professional development and admirable employment practices Discover Vodafone is one of the most successful schemes in this regard” – Mrs Samoulada said

Discover Vodafone scheme integrates the most advanced techniques in identifying new talents and hence encourage their further professional development by giving them the opportunity to take the first steps of their career in one of the most prestigious companies in the country and around the world.

The 9 winners will sign an employment contract with Vodafone and will work 2 years in 2-3 different departments of the company where they will be able to gain extensive knowledge about the telecommunications industry and unique working culture in a global leader company such as Vodafone. In addition, all those who will continuously show capabilities and high potential during the Discover Program, will have the chance to experience the Vodafone global network through Columbus program.

Vodafone is a role model company well-known for initiatives and programs that promote youth development and employment. Discover Vodafone is one of the most concrete yearly projects of Vodafone in the country.