Tirana 17 June 2011: Vodafone Albania opened its doors today to the brightest Albanian graduates competing for the final phase of the global graduate programme “Discover Vodafone”. Today’s final assessment phase will discover the winning Graduates of this year. 

This year, 550 Albanian graduates applied for the “Discover Vodafone” programme. During the last 4 weeks, the graduates went through a standardized global testing platform and 18 candidates made it to the final phase. There will be 5 winners that Vodafone Albania will accept this year.

Each of the winners from today’s competition will join Vodafone Albania for 12 months, working in three separate projects from different functional areas. The company will pay special attention to the winner graduates. In addition to the excellent remuneration package they will be given all due support and encouragement so as to define and start building their career path with Vodafone.

 “Discover Vodafone” programme was launched by Vodafone in 2010. It spans over 21 countries where Vodafone operates, including Albania, and is designed to give the best graduates a unique opportunity to work for Vodafone and have real chance of becoming the future leaders of the company at a local and global level.

More information about Discover Vodafone, its entry requirements and the vast opportunities it offers can be found at www.vodafone.al