17 December 2008
Vodafone announces the launch of new handsets, available in seven attractive colors that mark the mobile operator’s commitment on introducing on the mobile market products bearing its own brand.
The Vodafone 527 (Rainbow) features, design and functionality were specified and developed by Vodafone to maximise customers' use.

As leader in the Albanian telecommunication market, Vodafone team joined forces to offer unique, accessible and affordable devices for all our customers. Vodafone 527 (Rainbow) devices is giving access to all the desirable multi-media features and services such as browsing, music and video, messaging and social networking. With Vodafone’s high speed, reliable mobile network and these exclusive and exciting new handsets, there has never been a better time to be with Vodafone.”

Coming in a sleek and elegant seven colors design, Vodafone 527 (Rainbow) brings together messaging services, SMS and MMS, Bluetooth, camera, music player and recorder. It also offers superb sound quality, FM Radio tuning, MicroSD slot up to 2GB capacity, and basic web browsing.

This handset has a user guide in Albanian and customers might select from the menu, one of the seven European languages, including most importantly, Albanian language, they want their mobile phone to be set on.

Let’s celebrate together!
For further information please contact:
Tel: +355 4 223 83 247
Fax: +355 4 223 83 31
e-mail: media.al@vodafone.com