26 September 2009
Communication with Vodafone cannot be made easier. With the new promotion Daily Bundle all VF Card customers can talk at any time of the day towards any national network with just 8.3 lek per minute, VAT included. 
As always all VFAL offers are transparent and without any hidden costs: the cost for any minutes of the call shall remain the same – no matter if it is the first or the last minute of the call.
This fantastic new offer can be easily benefited through a call to 15116 when a bundle of 12 national minutes can be purchased with only ALL 100, VAT included. The validity of the bundle is until 23:59 of the next day.  Moreover, any VF Card customer is eligible to purchase an unlimited number of bundles, as soon as the any previous bundle is consumed. This offer is now on and shall continue until November 30th 2009.
For further information please contact:
Tel: +355 4 223 83 247
Fax: +355 4 223 83 31
e-mail: media.al@vodafone.com