Vodafone Smart Store – bringing excellence in customer experience

Vodafone opens in Albania the innovative Vodafone Smart Store - a new and unique store designed following lots of research about customers’ needs.  The store offers an easy, simple and yet modern retail journey where customers quickly find what they need, have the possibility to test the products live and receive excellent care by well-trained staff who will ensure that they receive the best retail experience.

Placed at the heart of Myslym Shyri Street, the new 300 sq meters multi-functional Vodafone Smart Store is part of Vodafone’s Group new retail vision, coming to life in Albania as one of the first countries to embrace the new strategy.

During the Smart Store inauguration ceremony, Vodafone Albania’s Chief Marketing Officer Theodoros Pappas said that such novelty is part of Vodafone Group’s new retailing concept and Albania is among the first Vodafone Markets that of the concept being applied.

“Following the rollout of the super-fast 3G network in all the country and, the establishment of the Nr 1 Community of mobile users - Vodafone Club, we are introducing today another novelty for our customers” says Mr. Pappas. “Smart Store offers the country’s largest collection of most demanded smartphones – all live and connected to the Vodafone’s fast 3G network – for our customer’s convenience and pleasure – he adds.

First impressions

The inside layout of the store generates a friendly and comfortable atmosphere –a “feeling at home” kind of sensation. The naturally lit premises invite customers to enter the store to find themselves in the world of telecoms wonders, yet undisturbed by the flashy devices as the venue’s careful design creates a smooth home feeling, from the patio through to the nicely laid handset stands. The super friendly staff –stands alert for any requests: they are young girls and boys, properly trained and ready to assist –they are confident and committed to making one’s visit to the store an excellent experience. And at the Tech Zone corner – the technology experts will handle any requirements from specialist requests through to basic assistance for on how to enhance your life through the wonders and convenience offered through the new range of devices found in the Smart Store.

New concepts

Top Ten Devices Live, exclusively in Vodafone Smart Store: As you enter the store you see a desk where 10 bestselling smartphones and tablets are displayed. Vodafone Smart Store is the only place in Albania where customers can test the latest devices live and connected to the Vodafone’s fast 3G network, so one can easily start to explore the features of these technology masterpieces.

In addition, the store offers the largest and most exceptional selection of smartphones in the country.

E-Top Up - portable for customers’ ease: Unlike anywhere else, at this store customers do not have to wait in queues for an e-top up. Friendly staff will approach you instead and top-up your account seamlessly through handheld tablets.

Unique Entertainment area: When it comes to entertainment this store will really exceed any possible expectations you would normally have from a conventional Telco store.

Before stepping in to the store you cannot miss a touch screen platform – inviting you to take a photo of yours and then you can have it printed inside the shop. You can also use this screen to check out for directions with Vodafone’s latest Tirana on your Mobile app or spend some time browsing the Internet.

The upper floor of the Smart Store will offer a unique entertainment experience, where customers may download for free the latest music on their device or can have some fun by challenging each other in a series of interactive sports, adventure, races and many more video games. Yes this is all free.

Wireless Charging: While visiting the store, customers can use the wireless charging service in the Vodafone Smart Store – simply by placing the compatible smartphone close to the designated spot – or just ask Vodafone tech guy to show you a real demo.

Business Corner: Our business customers are welcomed and accommodated in the friendly business corner, where they can have all the assistance needed for their business communication needs.

This store is meant for you to visit, thus no description would be complete. Take a stroll along Myslym Shyri Street and labels will guide you towards the marvellous store – the Vodafone’s Smart Store. Welcome!