3 August 2005

Commitment to simplify and increase value to Vodafone customers when roaming by using the new tariff program “Vodafone Passport”
* Reduced incoming and outgoing call cost while abroad
* More control over your mobile phone expenses while Roaming
* Greater clarity on voice roaming pricing and your monthly bill

Vodafone Passport will offer to its customers price clarity and certainty when using voice-roaming services abroad. For a one-off connection fee per call of 100 Leke (Vat excluded), Vodafone Passport customers will be able to make voice calls at domestic rates when travelling in Vodafone subsidiary and selected affiliate markets2. In addition, when receiving calls abroad, customers will pay the same connection fee, allowing them to talk for up to a maximum of 30 minutes1, for no additional charge.

Example: According to the actual tariffs, a postpaid subscriber of Vodafone Albania roaming in Vodafone Italy will pay for a 5-minute call to Vodafone Albania customer 502 Lekë, while by using “Vodafone Passport” will pay only 201 Lekë (100 Lekë + the local tariff within Vodafone for 5 min).

A prepaid subscriber of Vodafone Albania when Roaming in Vodafone Italy will pay according to the actual tariffs 550 Lekë for a 3-minute call to a Vodafone Albania network. Meanwhile, with “Vodafone passport” the call cost reduces to 235 Lekë.

To register in “Vodafone Passport” simply call for FREE from your mobile phone the number 15101 or send a SMS with the text “1” at the same number. While abroad, Vodafone subscribers can send the same SMS to 15101.

Once registered, the subscribers can take advantage from the tariff program “Vodafone Passport” by choosing on their mobile phone menu the relevant Vodafone partner operator of the country they’re visiting.

The General Manager of Vodafone Albania sh.a., Mr. Thomas Papaspyrou, stated: “The new roaming tariff program, “Vodafone Passport”, is the second Roaming initiative offered to our customers. Last summer, we launched exclusively full roaming service for prepaid customers, while this year we joined the Vodafone Group initiative of Vodafone Travel Promise. It clearly demonstrates our commitment to simplify and increase value to Vodafone customers even while roaming”.

For further information please contact:
Tel: +355 4 223 83 247
Fax: +355 4 223 83 31
e-mail: anisa.kaltanji@vodafone.com

Notes to Editors:

  1. The incoming calls are charged only 100 Lekë (VAT excluded). In case the call lasts more than 30 minutes, it is charged another 100 Lekë (VAT excluded).
  2. Vodafone networks and partners, where our customers can use Vodafone Passport:

Vodafone Australia – Vodafone Greece – Vodafone Germany – Vodafone Hungary – Vodafone Netherlands – Vodafone Ireland – Vodafone Italy – Vodafone Japan – Vodafone Malta – Vodafone New Zealand – Vodafone Sweden – Vodafone Portugal – Vodafone Spain – Vodafone UK – Proximus (Belgacom) in Belgium – SFR France – Swisscom in Switzerland.

Vodafone Albania

Vodafone, the world's largest mobile telecommunications operator, was awarded Albania's second GSM mobile phone licensed on June 9, 2001, having offered the highest bid in an international tender.

Vodafone-Albania launched its GSM services in Albania on August 3, 2001 in what is likely to be one of the world's fastest GSM network rollouts, capitalizing on its partners' expertise and experience in operating networks around the world.

Vodafone Albania is owned at 51% by Vodafone International Holdings B.V. and at 49% by Vodafone Panafon International Holdings B.V. (the latter is owned directly and indirectly at 99.4% by Vodafone Group).

Albania's newest mobile telephony operator is building its network and systems at record speed. Vodafone Albania has already activated more then 300 base stations, providing full coverage all over Albania. The Company provides their customers with full roaming services thanks to 234 roaming agreements in 118 countries covering all continents and offering exclusively full roaming service to prepaid customers.