• Upon consumption of minutes, SMS and data you will be charged with the Vodafone Club tariffs.
  • Charging will be done as below:
    60+60 for on net and national
    Every 10 kb for data
  • National minutes are valid towards all national and fixed mobile operators.
  • You can check the balance of the bundle through sending a blank SMS to 131 or by using the My Vodafone app.
  • You can purchase up to 6 weekly bundles/month.
  • If you have one weekly bundle active that has not expired or the other components are valid in the bundle; you can buy another weekly bundle. Weekly bundles overwriting details.
  • In case you have a weekly bundle active and have depleted all the components of the weekly bundle even though the weekly bundle has not expired, you can purchase a 4 weeks bundle.
  • You can also purchase additional internet or SMS bundles which will take consumption priority over this monthly bundle.
  • Weekly bundles will be consumed first except from a customer has activated Friends Club, or daily, weekly monthly internet bundles.
  • You can check the remaining components of your bundle through:
  • If you have activated SOS Credit TopUp, the amount you owe to Vodafone will be subtracted from the recharge amount and the remaining balance will be checked for the bundle activation.
  • These bundles are valid for 7 consecutive days (168 hours).
  • The above prices include VAT.
  • The offer is valid till 31th of May 2018.