15 February 2006
The company Vodafone Albania has offered its contribution for two new projects, Project of Reconstruction of the environment in the University Hospital Center “Mother Teresa” and the Project of Improving the Control of Potable Water quality.The works on the Project with the University Hospital Center “Mother Teresa”, proposed by the Directory of this center, started in September 2005.

The project aims to bring a significant change to the environment of this big center of population hospitalising and treatment, which resulted to be under too difficult conditions that hindered the ongoing of normal work at the center. The reconstructed environment occupy a space of 14 000 m2. The project provided the construction of a parking area for the visitors of the center, helping this way the avoidance of the traffic in the internal environment of the center by giving priority to emergencies and ambulances. The fund donated by Vodafone Albania for the realisation of this project is 14 000 000 ALL.
The collaboration between the company Vodafone Albania and the Institution of Public Health enabled the realisation of the project “Improvement of the Control of Potable Water in Albania”. This project reaching an amount of 14 900 Euro made possible the establishment of new devices, necessary for the microbiological analyses and the computerisation of data elaboration process, as well as the personnel qualification in using and operating with the system. The project among others contributed to the personnel qualification regarding the control of water quality and the necessary interventions.     
The realisation of these projects is a testimony of the active role the company shows in supporting the community especially towards health. “Through these projects we are nearer to the community and we believe they have a great impact to people. Many other projects are to come in the consecutive months” – highlighted Mr. Thomas Papaspyrou, General Manager of Vodafone Albania. 

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