06 September 2006
The contractual programs V60, V120, V240, V360, now offer the most economic tariffs for the individual customers.
Vodafone Albania, was the first mobile company, which introduced in the market last April four contractual programs, designed to suit best the communication needs of the individual customers.
Starting from September 1st, Vodafone Albania has reduced the tariffs for all the new and existing customers of the individual contractual programs V60, V120, V240, V360. 
Starting form this date, the new customers of the individual contractual programs V60, V120, V240, V360, will benefit from:
-  40% reduction in the registration fee (previously 5000 Lekë, now becomes 3000 Lekë).
-  Reduction of the monthly access fee up to 23,3%.
The monthly access fee offers the customers free minutes for the national destination calls (for example, customers that activate the individual contract V60, will pay at the beginning of the month 2300 Lekë as a monthly access fee, and in return will be able to talk for 60 minutes a month free of charge towards all national destinations -– Vodafone, AMC, Albtelecom or other fixed line operators).

                                                                                                                    V60            V120       V240        V360
Free national minutes                                                                                     60              120          240          360
Monthly access fee until August 31 2006 (in Lekë)                                   3000            4500        7200        9800
New monthly access feestarting from September 1st, 2006 (in Lekë)      2300            4000        7000        9500
Change in percentage (%)                                                                        -3,33%       -11,11%     -2,78%    -3,06%
- Reduction of the tariff per minute up to 16,67%.
This reduction is applied for call that the customer consumes after using all the free of charge minutes offered respectively by each individual contract (60 min, 120 min, 240 min and 360 min). Furthermore, Vodafone applies the same tariff per minute for calls toward Vodafone network as well as those towards fixed line operators (Albtelecom and rural operators).
- Tariff reduction for all national text messages (SMS) sent during weekend
Starting from September 1st, SMS’s sent during weekend cost only 10 Lekë (previously 13,33 Lekë).
Through the tariff reductions, as well as that of the registration fee, Vodafone aims to best fulfil the communication needs of its customers.
The customers of the individual contracts can also benefit from the other services offered by Vodafone, such as:
1. Preferential tariffs for international calls towards Vodafone networks worldwide
2. Services: SOS Credit, MMS, Internet, Info 145
3. Preferential tariffs of Vodafone Passport, while Roaming in all the countries where Vodafone operates.

1. The above prices do not include VAT.
2. The customers that wish to activate the individual contracts can visit the Vodafone shops in the main cities of Albania or can call Customer Care at 140, 149 to get more info.
For further information please contact:
Tel: ++355 4 23 83 091
Fax: ++355 4 23 83 31
e-mail: media.al@vodafone.com