17 November 2007
With dedication towards children's education, yesterday Vodafone Albania was near the children on the eve of the new academic year, as part of a continuous tradition. This year, Vodafone gifts and wishes approached the children attending the “Halit Coka” School in Bathore, Kamëz.
General Director of Vodafone Albania, Mr. Thomas Papaspyrou and Mrs. Liri Berisha (wife of Prime Minister Sali Berisha) wished to the 800 children of the primary school “Halit Coka” a very successful academic year.  The aim of this visit was to express once more the Vodafone’s support not only towards the education but also the support towards all the people in need.
Mr. Papaspyrou said that Vodafone Albania has on its current and future focus those activities and initiatives aiming the improvement and development of the conditions for the community, especially for people and groups in need, part of the Albanian society.
Representatives from Vodafone Albania emphasized that the company has always shown its support for the country’s social problems and will continue to do so in the future. The commitment of Vodafone Albania to be near the children on the eve of the academic year was visible throughout the mini-scenario prepared, participation of Vodafone employees, as well as the well known group “West Side Family” that sang the national anthem accompanied by the children, and welcomed the latter to go in their respective classes, where many gifts prepared exclusively for this group age were placed.
The vice Director of the school, Mr. Ilir Bodini, expressed his gratitude to Vodafone Albania, not only for the material support, but also for the employees attendance in the ceremony, and their engagement to offer to the children of Bathore community  a different first day of the school.
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