Vodafone Albania brings super-fast mobile internet service with 4G+

Following the indisputable success of 4G technology, Vodafone is about to bring another innovation for its customers. Starting from September 1st, all Vodafone customers will benefit from even higher capacity (speed) internet service thanks to the largest network in Albania, Vodafone 4G+.

From now on, mobile internet navigation will be experienced differently as Vodafone 4G+ will enable a variety of internet services with speed and quality as never offered before when browsing, social networking, loading photos, video streaming etc.

LTE (4G) has already been launched in the country few months ago, and it has brought a totally new surfing experience for Vodafone customers. Thanks to the variety of mobile internet bundles and offers, with the most competitive prices in the market, Vodafone Albania customers now share every beautiful moment with each other in real time by enjoying the high quality enabled by the Vodafone Albania network.

Thanks to 4G+, customers will benefit from mobile Internet services quickly, easily and in more places than ever. 4G+ technology provides data with unprecedented speed, several times higher than 4G. Operators such as Vodafone Albania, which have invested more in purchasing the frequencies required for such technology will provide download speeds that exceed 200 Mbps. Thanks to these parameters, customers will download videos, games, applications, movies and stream in real time, easier and faster than ever before.

According to Head of Technology of Vodafone Albania Mr. Genc Hamzaraj, with the launch of 4G+ technology, Vodafone introduces a higher level of communication in the Albanian market and what is more striking, it takes the Albanian market to equal levels of telecommunication technologies as developed countries of Europe and the globe".

Vodafone Albania is always committed to continuously investing to improve network capacities to always offer the best quality based on the latest standards of mobile communication services.

For more information on Vodafone 4G+ please visit www.vodafone.al/4G .