Vodafone Albania is now a well-known business not only for the telecommunication services but also for the important contribution towards individuals and social categories in need through its social responsibility projects realized through Vodafone Albania Foundation in Albania.

During the Philanthropy Awards Ceremony organized by Partners Albania and sponsored by the Rockefeller Brothers, Vodafone Albania was awarded the Business Philanthropy Award 2011 with motivation: “Best National Contribution”. The award was handed over to Vodafone by the US Ambassador Aleksander Arvizu.

While receiving the award, CEO of Vodafone Albania, Haris Broumidis greeted the organizers for their initiative in identifying and encouraging the philanthropic efforts and thanked the partners of Vodafone that help in realizing the projects with social impacts. During his speech CEO of Vodafone Albania declared publicly the plans of Vodafone Albania in collaboration with Ministry of Health to launch as soon as possible the telemedicine service which aims to use the mobile technology in order to offer the diagnostic service in remote areas of the country. Mr. Broumidis promised that Vodafone Albania will continue to support social projects that aim to create a better society.

Every year, Vodafone Albania through Vodafone Albania Foundation invests around 500 thousand Euros just for philanthropy projects aimed at tackling  problems generated from disability, social exclusion and marginalisation of people in need.  That is in addition to funding that Vodafone provides for other Corporate Responsibility Projects and aid on emergency situations.