01 April 2010
The newest program of Vodafone local Foundations and Vodafone local companies along the world for fundraising.

Vodafone local Foundations and Vodafone local companies in the whole world will collaborate to initiate a program for fundraising through SMS-es, called “Vodafone Red Alert”.  Through “Red Alert”, Vodafone employees and Vodafone customers may contribute through mobile phones in cases of natural disasters or humanitarian emergencies.  There are 21 countries participating in this program, where Vodafone companies and Vodafone Foundations operate.
This program will be functional starting from 1st April 2010 and on, for an unlimited time. Albania is also part of this initiative.

“Vodafone Red Alert” program will be effective upon a situation is considered as natural disaster or humanitarian emergency. In this case will be raised the awareness for contribution to help the affected population in national and international level.  In these situations, Vodafone employees and Vodafone customers may give their contributions by sending SMS-es from their mobile phones to the short code 54444.  At the end of each humanitarian contribution initiative through a “Red Alert” call, Vodafone Albania will publish the amount donated from SMS-es, amount which will be in disposal of Vodafone Albania Foundation to proceed as soon as possible and in the most effective way the donation towards the humanitarian relief organisation.

Similar initiatives are applied during the humanitarian emergency caused by the Tsunami in the Southeastern Asia in 2004 and after the strong earthquake that shook Haiti in January of 2010 where 14 Vodafone companies in the whole world applied fundraising through SMS-es.

A similar example during January 2010 was the response of Vodafone Albania to gather contributions through SMS-es to help the population touched by the floods in Shkodra.

For further information please contact:
Tel: +355 4 223 83 214
Fax: +355 4 223 83 331
e-mail: media.al@vodafone.com