24 March 2005
For the first time a guidebook for the National Art Gallery will be presented to the public and worldwide artistic audience in 2005.
Vodafone Albania and National Art Gallery confirm to be committed to continue their fruitful partnership in promoting the visual art values in Albania. Further on, the 2005 will bring for the first time a Guidebook for the National Gallery, aiming to promote Albanian arts in the list of worldwide galleries, representing Albanian art values in broader audience, representing its rich archive work values including its entire archive works' values. A number of professionals from National Art Gallery will be caring on tasks for a high quality performance on the guidebook.
This project follows a long list of event, activities and publications of National Art Gallery performed and realized with the support of Vodafone Albania, among which Marubi 2002, 2003; Onufri 2002, 2003 and 2004; Ibrahim Kodra’s Exhibition in 2004; Bibliography of Visuals Arts (I, II) and many others. The Vodafone Albania's grants provided to the National Art Gallery consist of a total of 5.292.000 Lek during the period 2002-2005.
“It is the first time that the National Art Gallery achieve to compile a guidebook presentation, and we highly appreciate the kind support of our partner, Vodafone Albania, in giving more values to the art and culture in Albania” – told Mr. Abaz Hado, Director of National Art Gallery on the eve of this last initiative launching.
“We are happy to come to share with our community not only the services and products provided, but also to confirm our strong commitment in continuing our support in promoting values in the country, especially art and culture heritage. Such initiatives are backed up by one the values of Vodafone worldwide philosophy: "Passion for the World Around Us" – stated Mr. Thomas Papaspyrou, General Manager of Vodafone Albania.
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