On the occasion of the International Day of People with Disability, Vodafone Albania Foundation (VAF) representatives participated in the inauguration of a new daily center for people with disability in Peqin. The center – financially supported by VAF - serves 155 people with disability and offers support and psychological counseling, information for family members for the rights of people with disability, runs social and cultural activities and many more.

Few days ago, Vodafone Albania Foundation donated wheelchairs for people with disabilities in the city of Korca and similar initiatives are taken in the cities of Kukës, Dibër, etc. In the frame of projects that are currently funded by VAF Vodafone Albania people with disabilities are encouraged and supported so as to be fully integrated in the social and cultural life of the communities they live in. Due to Vodafone Albania’s efforts more than 50 people with disability have been employed.

This year thanks to VAF support, disabled people had the opportunity to take part to the first ever Paralympic Games organized in Albania and Albania participated to the London Paralympic games 2012.

VAF’s Projects for people with disability are spread across the country.  For more information on opportunities to join the efforts to make a better life for disabled persons please visit www.vodafone.al/foundation