Press statement on the Vodafone Group Law Enforcement Disclosure Report


9 June 2014



Vodafone Group Plc has published in June 2014 a global sustainability report including a set of privacy principles applicable in relation to government access to communications and data across the Vodafone global footprint. These principles state that Vodafone Group and its operating companies (including Vodafone Albania) will not allow any form of access to any customer data by any agency or authority unless Vodafone is legally obliged to provide this, and that Vodafone will insist that all agencies and authorities comply with the law and due process.



This reflects Vodafone Group’s long-standing policy, and the approach taken by Vodafone in Albania.   Vodafone Albania has always complied with and it will continue to fulfil its duty to respect its customers’ human rights to privacy and freedom of expression while complying with its legal obligation to assist competent authorities when exercising their legal powers.  



The report and principles are published as part of Vodafone Group’s annual sustainability report. As well as explaining the laws that provide competent authorities with powers to obtain access to communications and data, the report also sets out the aggregate volume of competent authorities demands  (courts and prosecution offices) Vodafone Albania receives;.



In this report Vodafone provided an overview of some of the legal powers under the laws in force in the Republic of Albania that competent authorities have to request Vodafone Albania's assistance with conducting real-time legal interception and the disclosure of data about Vodafone Albania's customers.



In regard to some publications made recently in the local media about Vodafone Group Law Enforcement Disclosure Report, Vodafone Albania would like to clarify that some publications are incorrect. Vodafone Albania would like to reassure that it has always complied with the laws in force in the Republic of Albania.



As stated in Vodafone Group report, not only lawful interception is conducted independently from respective competent authorities but in addition it is unlawful to disclose any aspect of how the process is conducted. We would like to highlight that the number of 5778 refers to the requests from the Prosecution Offices and Courts on identification of the user and communication details and not to the interception of the content of communications.



Compliance with the laws in force in the Republic of Albania and the laws of other countries in which Vodafone Group plc operates is, and shall always remain, a top priority for our company.



More details can be found in the original report at the link below:



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