How can I use Internet service from my laptop/ PC/ tablet?

What is an USB modem?

Which is the most important advantage of using USB for internet service?

How much does a USB cost?

Can I buy only the SIM Card as I already have the device?

Can I use the modem with another not Vodafone SIM Card?

What steps should I take to install the USB?

The USB can not be automatically installed, what shoul I do?

What does the blue light that appears on my USB mean?

How can I change the network from my USB?

How can I find out my USB number as I don't remember it?

How can I use my IPhone as a modem to get connected with my laptop/ PC/ tablet?

How can I configure my tablet for internet service?

Over Mobile

Automatic / Manual

Over Laptop, Tablet

Internet 3G

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