Gigabit Net

Gigabit Net

Gigabit Net

Gigabit Net

Gigabit Net Gigabit Net


What does Gigabit Net mean?

Soon our lives will be transformed and the Gigabit network will be the conductor of this transformation. Self-driving cars, VR surgery, delivery drone, AI (Artificial Intelligence) assistants as well as real-time exchange of information.


How to experience Gigabit?

The 4G/4G+ network and the latest generation smartphones are able to support the Gigabit speed. 

Main Feature of the Gigabit Net

When will you be able to experience the Gigabit Net?

In reality, we are very close. Soon we will live in a "Gigabit continent", where the devices and networks of the future will be really smart. For this reason, we are making significant and continuous improvements and investments to embrace the latest technologies.

The Gigabit network is closely related to the latest innovations of the "Gigabit Society" for which Vodafone has a global vision.

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