End of Year Promo

Everybody gets a reward with Vodafone this end of year!

Vodafone will launch a reward promo campaign for all its prepaid and postpaid customers.

All prepaid customers who have any bundle active or activate any type of bundle during the promo period and all postpaid customers will get a gift/bonus from Vodafone as per below:


  *14 days validity


  • The promotion timeframe will be from December 3rd - December 31st 2018.
  • All bundles available in the market will make the customers eligible to be part of the promo once any of them is activated during the promo period.
  • One MSISDN will benefit from this promo only once.
  • All customers will be notified with SMS for the gifts that will gain in a real time.


  • The handset (device, watch or drone) will be sent by mail s to the customers’ preferred address

3rd party coupons:

  • The coupon codes will be sent to the customers via SMS and will also be shown in MyVodafone app under Shperblime/Happy
  • Customers will have 35 days’ time to use the coupon from the moment that they receive the SMS.
  • The coupons can be used in any of the stores part of the Balfin group which are:
    • Neptun, Jumbo, Spar, Springfield, Goldenpoint, Cortefiel, Carpisa, Okaidi, Geox, Mango, Prenatal, Parfois, Women’secret and Smart Point in TEG dhe QTU, Okaidi, Carpisa- Rr. “M.Shyri”, Golden Point - Rr. “V.Pasha”, Okaidi- Pedonalja, Shkoder and in the biggest cities all over Albania for Neptun, Jumbo and Spar shops”
  • The coupons can be used only in one store of the Balfin group.

Monthly bundles

  • Customers who are eligible to get a monthly bundle will be notified with an SMS.
  • Thus customers may activate the gifted monthly bundle either by:
    • Sending an SMS to 134 with the keyword Gezuar
    • My Vodafone app under Paketa -> Ofertat e Mia
  • Customers will be given 35 days to activate the rewarded monthly bundle from the moment that the SMS of bundle eligibility is sent from Vodafone.

Data Bonuses: 1 GB and 3 GB for 3 consecutive months

  • Customers who have an active bundle will be notified on the date of the promotion, customers who purchase a package will benefit the data bonus at that time.
  • Bonuses are valid for 30 days.
  • The data bonuses will be granted for 3 consecutive months at the same date.
  • The data bonuses will have priority over other bundles/bonuses.

Other Telco bonuses

  • Customers who have an active bundle will be notified on the date of the promotion; customers who activate a bundle during the promotion timeframe wil benefit from one of the bonuses:
    • 100 National minutes
    • 10 International minutes
    • 500 MB
    • 1 GB
    • 2 GB
  • Telco bonuses will have a validity of 14 days
  • Telco bonuses will have higher priority over other bonuses with the same validity.