• 250MB BONUS to continue browsing for 24 hours after the bundle is over.
  • National minutes are valid towards all national and fixed mobile operators.
  • You can purchase a new bundle even though the current one has not expired or is completely depleted. Bundles overwriting details.
  • You can purchase up to three (3) bundles/month
  • The international minutes are valid towards all operators Romania, Austria, Bulgaria, Sweden, Poland, Norway, China, Slovenia, Greece, Italy, France, USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Turkey, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, Macedonia, Kosovo, Serbia, Monte Negro, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Ireland, Luxembourg and Hungary .
  • 300 national and international SMS-es are valid towards all national and international operators.
  • Charging will be done as below:
    o 60+60 for on net, national and international
    o Every 10 KB for data
  • You can check the remaining components of your bundle through:
    o sending a blank SMS to 131
    o #123# menu
    o My Vodafone app
  • If you have activated SOS Credit TopUp, the amount you owe to Vodafone will be subtracted from the recharge amount and the remaining balance will be checked for the bundle activation.
  • Upon consumption of minutes included in the bundle, you will be charged with the standard tariffs, if you don’t have any other active bundle.
  • The bundle is valid for 4 weeks.
  • This offer is valid till 28th of February 2018
  • The above prices include VAT