Tourist Pack

Vodafone 3 Weekly Tourist Pack

Vodafone will launch Vodafone 3 Weekly Tourist Pack, a new connection pack customized for the tourists visiting Albania.

The Vodafone Tourist Pack will cost 1,500 ALL  (Vat Included) and includes all the below benefits:

Vodafone 3 Weekly Tourist Pack 1,500 ALL
Video Pass 5 GB
Internet 15 GB
National Minutes 500
National/International SMS 100
International Minutes 10
Validity 21 days


  • The validity of the bundle is 21 days.
  • This bundle is valid for all prepaid customers and Next.
  • National minutes are available to all national fixed and mobile operators.
  • National / international SMS are valid for all national and international destinations.
  • International minutes are valid with all operators in Romania, Austria, Bulgaria, Sweden, Poland, Norway, China, Slovenia, Greece, Italy, France, USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Turkey, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands , Spain, Macedonia, Kosovo, Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Ireland, Luxembourg, Hungary.
  • Vodafone Video PASS contains 5GB only in 4G network, and includes videos in Youtube, Netflix and Twitch applications.
  • You can purchase a new bundle even if the current bundle is not depleted. Details on overwriting of the bundle as per below.
  • You can purchase a monthly or weekly or daily bundle while you have a 21 Day Touristic bundle active.
  • You can purchase data add-ons or international minutes add-ons if you have an active 21 day Touristic bundle.
  • You can check the remaining units of your bundle through:
    • Blank text message at 131
    • My Vodafone application
  • Calls to destinations that are not included in the bundle will be charged according to Vodafone standard tariffs.
  • If you have activated the SOS Credit Top Up service, the amount you owe to Vodafone will be deducted from the recharge, and then the remaining balance will be considered for the activation of the bundle.
  • Step charge is as per below:
    • Every 10 KB for internet
    • 60 + 60 seconds for calls to Vodafone network, national and international destinations.
  • Club Sharing service is applicable to this bundle from the MyVodafone app only.
  • This bundle is valid until July 31, 2022.
  • The price include VAT.
  • You can purchase up to 3 bundles per month.
  • This bundle cannot be used in roaming.
  • Through My Vodafone application
  • Visit the nearest Vodafone store
Details on overwriting
  • You can activate a new 21 day Touristic bundle, but the current 21 day bundle with the remaining units will be canceled.
  • With the cancellation of the 21 day bundle, you will not be able to use its units or claim a refund of the amount spent for its purchase.
  • The validity will be according to the new 21 day or bundle.
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