• Vodafone Live Chat is a service offered by Vodafone Albania (Vodafone, Us) as an alternative means of assistance with examination of requirements and complaints of Vodafone subscribers in the shortest time possible, enabling real time communication between the subscribers (You) and our Customer Care employees.
  • Services offered through Vodafone Live Chat are the same as services offered when calling free numbers 140 and 149.
  • Vodafone Live Chat may be used by Vodafone post-paid and/or pre-paid subscribers as well as any other person interested by simply accessing Vodafone Albania official web page at www.vodafone.al, under section “Contact us”.
  • This tool enables communication under two forms:
    a) When you need to submit questions or requests by clicking Chat tab;
    b) When visiting www.vodafone.al you are presented with a message or a pop-up offering you support. You are free to accept or reject the pop-up message.
  • Vodafone Live Chat is provided free of charge. You will be charged according to tariffs of your tariff plan only for the amount of MB used for navigating on www.vodafone.al.
  • With use of Vodafone Live Chat and acceptance of these conditions, you agree that Vodafone will use your personal data as below. To learn more on how Vodafone Albania uses your personal information, please read the subscription terms and conditions and the privacy policy on www.vodafone.al:
    • In order for Vodafone to be able to offer its services through Vodafone Live Chat, You have to complete your user name information on Vodafone Live Chat, your email address and then follow with your question, complaint or request (on the offers, services or other). You may decide at your discretion to provide your mobile number information, as well as other personal information that may relate to your request or complaint declared through Vodafone Live Chat.
    • Use of Vodafone Live Chat on your part means that you are informed and agree that Vodafone will register and collect the transcript of your talk with our Customer Care employees and will collect the information declared on your part as well as Vodafone Live Chat usage history, which information serves to the use of the requested service, for complaints and requests documenting purposes, for optimization of service provision by means of Vodafone Live Chat, as well as for statistical purposes related to history of use and efficiency of Vodafone Live Chat.
    • Vodafone Albania uses the information collected for provision of the service requested, for addressing and documenting requests and complaints, to monitor and improve provision of service offered to its subscribers, for statistical purposes as well as to meet the legitimate rights and obligations of Vodafone Albania. Vodafone Albania keeps the information collected safe in compliance with provisions of the Albanian legislation for personal data protection and erases the information after the purpose of its collection has been exhausted.
  • During use of Vodafone Live Chat, before ending your communication session, You may request to receive a copy of the chat by email, or have your communication with our Customer Care employees printed out.
  • Neither you nor our Customer Care employees may perform ‘File Transfer’ during use of Vodafone Live Chat.
  • You may not use Vodafone Live Chat to:
    • distribute, receive, access or communicate offensive, pornographic, threatening, racist, inadequate, defamatory content that is in violation of privacy, intellectual property rights (including copyrights) or illegitimate in any other way or that Vodafone deems that constitutes a violation;
    • Distribute electronic content (including viruses) that cause or may cause harm at any level, in the computer systems or to post information URL, or web addresses or servers of such content.
    • to copy, identify, modify, show, license, transmit, perform or avail in any other way Contents or information that you have received during use or access on your part of Vodafone Live Chat.
  • Vodafone Albania reserves the right not to respond to communications with such contents as the above-mentioned and to erase and/or report such communications at any time before the competent bodies in compliance with the legislation in force.
  • Vodafone Albania reserves the right not to respond through Vodafone Live Chat, regarding information that contains/constitutes personal information of the subscriber of Vodafone Albania, in the case when Vodafone Albania deems that the identity of the user of Vodafone Live Chat as subject of the personal data requested cannot be verified, when this is forbidden by the legislation in force and in any case when according to the internal policies and procedures of Vodafone Albania, information requested should be communicated in written.
  • At the end of the communication with our Customer Care employees through Vodafone Live Chat, you will receive a questionnaire with 4 questions. You may express your opinions regarding Vodafone Live Chat through this Questionnaire thus helping us to improve this service. The Questionnaire is not mandatory to complete and You may refuse to do so.
  • Vodafone Live Chat shall be available for you from 9:00-21:00 during business days. Vodafone reserves the right to modify or remove Vodafone Live Chat tool off www.vodafone.al at any time giving no preliminary notification.

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