Vodafone Protect

Safeguard your smartphone with Vodafone’s free security offering – an easy and quick solution to help keep your smartphone safe and secure. Powered by McAfee.

Now the customers of the Vodafone RED 2, RED 3, RED 4 tariff plans may access their apps, calls and SMS by browsing securely.

Download the Vodafone Protect application and acquire the ability to block or destroy the data on your mobile phone or even locate it in case of loss or theft. Downloading and using this application will only cost you the standard tariff for internet browsing. The extra functionalities of this application, such as content scanning of each web page you browse, Call and SMS filtering and the McAffee anti-virus software for your handset will cost you 300 ALL every 30 days.

This application can only be used in devices with Android 2.1x operating system, or higher.