Vodafone Cloud


Vodafone Cloud allows you to access all of your favourite content from all your favourite devices. You can upload, download and access your photos, videos, music and other files from your Android smartphone, Tablet, iPhone and PC. Plus with Vodafone Cloud you get peace of mind knowing that your personal files are safe and secure.
When you sign up to Vodafone Cloud you automatically get 5GB storage free and if you need additional storage we have a range of storage options available for you.

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Additional Features and benefits


Automatic or manual backup of your files

Control what content

Control what content you want to automatically backup

Share photos

Share photos and videos via Facebook or email

Choose whether

Choose whether to backup over WiFi or mobile network

So what does it cost?

Vodafone Cloud is available to all pay as you go and bill pay Vodafone mobile customers and includes 5GB free storage.
Content uploaded to the Cloud over the mobile network is charged at standard network rates. We recommend doing your first backup over Wifi as you may have lots of photos and videos stored on your smartphone which you would like to upload to the Cloud.

Storage options

Android iPhone Windows Phone 8 Blackberry
0 - 5GB FREE FREE - -
5GB – 10 GB (total) 240 ALL / Month - - -
10GB - 30GB (total) 600 ALL / Month - 3,960 ALL/12 Month (VAT Included) - -
30GB - 60GB (total) 1200 ALL / Month - - -

How do I use it?

Simply download the App directly to your smartphone

Google Play

Download the app from Google Play (Android users)


Download the app for the iPhone

Windows PC

Download the PC client. If you are using Vodafone Cloud from a PC you will need to download the PC client

Log in

Log in in to your cloud content. You can access your cloud content directly from your web browser.


Then simply follow the registration instructions.

Check out our Cloud FAQs

How do I register and set up Vodafone Cloud?

I'm using my phone or tablet app to register:
Once you've downloaded and installed the app on your phone or tablet, you’ll need to follow the instructions to register. Use your mobile number as the username when you’re registering for the first time and then choose your password.  

Can I use Vodafone Cloud on more than one device?

Yes. Vodafone Cloud can be used on a range of supported devices.
Access and back up your files from your phone or tablet and from your PC or Mac.
To access your files from your phone or tablet, select All Cloud files from the home screen in the Vodafone Cloud app.
To access your files from your PC or Mac, you’ll need to login to cloud.vodafone.co.al
When you're logged in, you can choose Add device and this will install the programme. Then you can see the files in your Vodafone Cloud from your computer.  

How often does Vodafone Cloud automatically back up?

If you’re connected to Wi-Fi, Vodafone Cloud will try to upload your content every four hours. It can back up using 3G between 1am and 4am every day.  

Does Vodafone Cloud back up contacts?

Vodafone Cloud can’t back up contacts from your phone or apps. It stores your photos, videos, and other files safely and securely. So you can free up storage space on your phone or tablet.  

Will Vodafone Cloud back up when I am overseas?

You’ll need to change your settings if you want your content to be automatically uploaded when you’re abroad. Remember, you’ll be charged unless you’re connected to Wi-Fi.  

Are the files on my SD card backed up to the Cloud?



How do I add or remove files from Vodafone Cloud?

Running out of space? You can always upgrade your account:

  • Android™ - you can upgrade using the app by clicking on the ‘Usage indicator’
  • Online Cloud - sign in at cloud.vodafone.al and select ‘Upgrade’
  • PC or Mac - right click on the system tray Cloud icon and select ‘Upgrade’

Removing your Vodafone Cloud subscription:

  • Android™ - you can cancel a subscription using the app by clicking on the ‘Usage indicator’ and selecting the ‘Free’ option
  • Online cloud - sign in at cloud.vodafone.co.al and select ‘Upgrade’ then select the ‘Free’ option
  • PC or Mac – right click on the system tray Cloud icon and select ‘Upgrade’ and then the ‘Free’ option

How do I download files from Vodafone Cloud to my phone?

It’s easy. Just follow these three simple steps:

  • Open Vodafone Cloud on your device
  • Select 'Menu' or hold down on the file for two to three seconds
  • Select 'Download'

Files can only be restored to one mobile device at a time. If you need to download a lot of content, you can zip them up using the Vodafone Cloud website. Then, you can access all your content from your computer.


I've lost my phone, and I want to stop others people accessing my Vodafone Cloud account. What should I do?

Log in to the Vodafone Cloud website and click ‘Sign out all Cloud apps’.
You must also get in touch to report your phone as lost or stolen and we’ll block your phone and SIM.  

How do I stop using Vodafone Cloud and remove all of my content?

You must log in to cloud.vodafone.co.al, select 'All files', chose 'Delete' and then clear your trash. You'll also need to delete your installed apps.  

Read Here Vodafone Cloud Terms & conditions apply