Vodafone 123

Vodafone 123 is the easiest and the fastest way to access and use Vodafone services.

Thanks to Vodafone 123, a single code #123# provides you the requested information or service within few seconds.

How to access the requested service

  1. Call #123# and choose the category of your choice
  2. Press “Answer” and then press the number corresponding to the requested service
  3. Press “OK”
  4. You will receive the information for the selected category within few seconds.

Get informed fast and easily with Vodafone 123. Now, Vodafone enables you to get complete information on your tariff plan, as well as on the latest offers throughout a single action.

The Vodafone 123 service is offered to all Vodafone customers for free. You will be charged only if you use one of the services with payment or in case you would activate one of the Vodafone offers.

New at Vodafone 123

The Games Category

More entertainment on your mobile through Vodafone 123 menu via the latest added category, games.

Play with 4 of the most popular games, have fund and get gifts.

Game 1: Hangman
Game 2: Tic Tac Toe
Game 3: Find the number
Game 4: Millionaire

Call #123#, select the ‘Games’ category by pressing 6 on your mobile keyboard and start playing with your favourite game.

The cost for every played game is 12 Lekë (VAT included)

Your gift if you win 5 sessions in a row of the selected game

• For Vodafone Club and Vodafone Card customers: Daily Bundle with 30 SMS for the games "Hangman", Find the number", "Millionaire" and a Free Vodafone Tune Me form the "Tic Tac Toe" game.
• A FREE Vodafone Tune Me for postpaid customers

You should win 5 games in a row to get one of the gifts offered.
The Games category is offered for all Vodafone customers, prepaid and postpaid.

For new users of Vodafone TuneMe through #123#

For the new users of Vodafone Tune Me though the Vodafone 123 menu, tunes FOR FREE to get your mobile with the most popular hits.

Simply get registered through #123# following the pop up message that will be displayed on your mobile and you will get a tune for free, valid for one month.

In the meantime, if you are already a user you may get suggestions for the most popular hits of the moment.

This service is also offered through the web page http://tuneme.vodafone.al