What is Vodafone Mobile Broadband (VMB)?

VMB is a service offered to all Vodafone customers through prepaid or postpaid tariff plans.
It works through the USB Vodafone Modem which physically contains the SIM card which should be installed on PC or Laptop.
The VMB product supports messaging (SMS), internet access, intranet, e-mail and business applications on your own computer wherever and whenever. 

What does the VMB service offer?

VMB service offers:
o Connect to your office network and provides access to office applications.
o Sending and receiving e-mails including also the attachments.
o Access to the company intranet and internet navigation
o Messaging (SMS, MMS)
o Monitoring your airtime balance (used data)
o Access to personal e-mail pages (Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.)

Could I use a Vodafone modem with a SIM card of another network?

This modem does work only with Vodafone SIM cards which gets connected to one of Vodafone tariff plans, prepaid or postpaid.