Send Money

  • After you enter the M-Pesa menu, select the option for “Send money” .

  • On the screen you will be asked to put the phone number of the receiver according to the format 0691234567. Albanian phone numbers should contain 10 digits, while international numbers (Italy&Greece) should contain 14 digits.

To pay cheaper tariffs make sure the recipient of the money is registered for M-Pesa.


  • After you put the number of the recipient, you will be asked to put the amount of the money you wish to send.

Caution: The amount should be a whole number, without decimals, e.g. 100 means 100 ALL.

  • After you put the right amount, on the screen you will see the information about the amount you decided to send and it will remind you about the tariff that will be deducted from your account.

  • At the same time you will be asked to confirm or cancel the action you have started.

  • After confirmation, you will be asked to put your personal PIN code and then you will have to wait for the confirmation SMS on your phone.