What is MMS?

MMS – (Multi Media Message) is a SMS with largest capacity content which except the written text can send also photos, images.

Could all Vodafone customers have the MMS service on their mobile phones?

Yes, all Vodafone customers could use MMS service if the mobile phone does support this service.

What is IMEI?

IMEI - International Mobile Equipment Identity. It is the identification serial number of each mobile device.
You can find it by entering *#06# on your phone and it will display on the screen.

Do I need to adjust some settings for using the MMS?

MMS service should be accomplished in two levels:
1) Connect MMS service to your Vodafone number by calling Customer Care on 140 for prepaid users and 149 for postpaid ones.
2) Configure automatically or manually your device.

How do I get the automatic MMS configuration?

You should click on   configure now  or you should send an SMS toward 136 with text MMS, which is free of charge.

Why the configuration message doesn't come?

1. Your phone is not suitable for this service
2. you may not have enough storage space on your phone.
3. You have not specified the exact model of your device.

What do I need to adjust if I have not enough memory for the configuration message?

Go to your phone Menu, choose APN and there you should delete all unnecessary profiles, non Vodafone ones and select the proper profile vfalmms.

How can I manually configure MMS service on my mobile phone?

How can I manually configure MMS service on my mobile phone? 
You should go to the phone Menu and select the following settings:

MMSC address:
APN Name: vfalmms
Proxy IP address:
Proxy port: 8080

You can get manual configuration also with technical assistance at Vodafone Stores.

Why can’t I send picture messages?

1. You should check manually these settings:

MMSC address:
APN Name: vfalmms
Proxy IP address:
Proxy port: 8080

2. You have not rebooted the mobile after the configuration message
3. MMS size is more than 300 kb
4. Vodafone number is not connected to Internet service
5. The credit balance is less than 80 ALL

Why can’t I receive picture messages?

1. It is sent to more than 5 addresses simultaneously
2. You should try firstly to send an MMS then will achieve to receive.

What is MMS legacy?

MMS Legacy is a text notification message for the arrival of picture message, which could be viewed in the internet address

Why the MMS I just received is shown as a written text and not as a picture message?

1. You have never tried to send MMS
2. You have not activated the MMS service
3. It is sent by international networks
4. It is sent from networks that Vodafone do not have agreement with
5. Your mobile is not suitable for this service

How can I view the picture message I have received in a written form?

You can view the picture message going to internet address: where you should enter your phone number and the relevant code found on the message.

Is it necessary to configure the device every time I change it?

Yes, definitely the new device should be configured with the relevant Vodafone settings:

MMSC address:
APN :   vfalMMS
IP address:

Does internet service remain active even If I change my phone number?

MMS service should be connected also to the new Vodafone number. In cases this number is enabled with another device for access to the MMS service, it is not necessary to do it again.

How do I stop using MMS service?

You should delete the profile:
APN: vfalmms

Do I get charged for the MMS I receive?

No, you do not get charged for the received MMS.

Do I get charged for the failed MMS?

No, you do not get charged for the failed MMS.

How much does the MMS legacy cost?

The cost is 15 ALL per each MMS legacy.